Thor´s Hammer Raven Viking Necklace
Thor´s Hammer Raven Viking Necklace
Thor´s Hammer Raven Viking Necklace
Thor´s Hammer Raven Viking Necklace

Thor´s Hammer Raven Viking Necklace

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Norse Mythology and Viking lovers!

The mighty Thor´s hammer Mjolnir and the mysterious and keen raven are a common feature in Norse mythology.

This necklace combines the two and creates a truly unique and wonderful piece of jewelry. 

Wear it yourself or give it away to someone you know.

This item is not sold in regular stores, do like many others and get yours now while they last!


  • Pendant Material: Metal, alloy
  • Pendant Size: 1.49" (38mm)
  • Cord Type: Rope chain
  • Cord Material: Leather
  • Cord Length: 17.71" (45cm)
  • Pendant Color:
    • Antique Silver
    • Antique Bronze

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Ravens in Norse mythology:

 Ravens are commonly featured in Norse mythology, with the most famous of them all being Huginn and Muninn.

Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens that, according to Norse mythology are in service of Odin, the all-father (the ruler of Asgard).

Every morning at dawn, Huginn and Muninn would leave Odin´s side and fly all around the Norse world Midgard. They would return at dinner time and take their customary place on Odin´s shoulders and tell him what they had seen that day.

Huginn and Muninn are large black ravens and while they may look like normal ravens they are far from it. They have several supernatural powers. 

They can fly around the entire world of Midgard in a single day, they also have the ability to understand and speak the language of men.

They are also very intelligent with keen senses and they often serve as spies for Odin.

Huginn and Muninn are important confidants and advisors to Odin and they often follow him into battle where they serve as his scouts and inform him of the enemies movements, they also help guide and heal Odin´s horse Sleipnir (an eight-legged horse).

Some scholars believe that Huginn and Muninn were extensions of Odin himself while others believe they served as his spirit animals (called fylgjur).

The northern people would often call upon Huginn and Muninn for guidance and powers. 

Iconography, symbols, and art of ravens have been found all across Scandinavia and the surrounding countries. They appear in helmet plates, shoulder brooches, amulets, and gravestones.


Thor´s Hammer:

Thor´s hammer (called Mjöllnir in old Norse, roughly pronounced "MIOL-neer") is one of the most historically important symbols in Norse mythology and is today probably the most well-known symbol of the Vikings.

Thor was the God who relentlessly guarded Asgard, the otherworldly bastion of the Aesir, the main group of gods and goddesses of Norse mythology.

The main weapon of Thor was the hammer and he called upon the spirit of the storm when he wielded it, often accompanied by the sound of thunder when his hammer was crashing down on his enemies.

The name Thor actually means "Thunder" in old Germanic and Mjöllnir is believed to have meant "Lightning".

Thor´s hammer was more than just a powerful weapon, it also had a spiritual significance. Hammers were often used in ceremonies to bless births, marriages, and funerals.

In the Viking age, the followers of the old northern religion would often wear a miniature version of Thor´s hammer around their neck and their graves would be watched over by a gravestone with a hammer symbol carved into it.

Read more about Thor´s hammer here