Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace
Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace
Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace
Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace
Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace
Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace

Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace

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Norse Mythology and Wolf lovers!

Wolves are an important part of Norse mythology and Viking culture. They represent both strength, ferocity, danger and protection.

This finely crafted Norse Wolf Head Viking Necklace has the appearance of the great wolf Fenrir from Norse Mythology. 

This item is not sold in regular stores, do like many others and get yours now while they last!



  • Material Chain and Pendant: Metal, alloy
  • Pendant Size: 1.57"x1.77" (40mm x 45mm)
  • Chain Length: 23.6" (60cm)
  • Chain Type: Metal chain
  • Color:
    • Silver
    • Bronze
    • Copper
    • Grey

Leather style gift bag is included in the order!


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Wolves and in particular, Fenrir, the greatest wolf of them all were a common feature in Norse mythology.

Fenrir is the son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrbooa and is a wolf of colossal size.

Even when he was a pup he was prophesied to spread destruction and chaos through the nine realms of the Norse mythology cosmos and the gods saw him as an enemy and a big threat.

Fenrir had the ability of limitless growth, and when the gods realized this he was already too big and no one dared to attack him. Instead, they tried to shackle him in one place. After many failed attempts it was finally the god Tyr that managed to shackle him with a magical band, costing him his hand in the process.

At Ragnarok, Fenrir broke free from his shackles and devoured everything in his path, including the god Odin.

Fenrir was eventually killed by one of Odin´s sons in an act of revenge.


Fenrir also had two sons, Skoll and Hati, who were said to consume the sun and the moon at Ragnarok. Although some believe that Skoll Hati is actually Fenrir going under different names. 


Other famous wolves from Norse mythology are Geri and Freki, the two wolves that always guards Odin´s side.

Wolves were both feared and admired by the humans. Norse warriors would give themselves wolf names and the famous berserkers were men imbued with the power and ferocity of wolves and bears.